Mayor Bloomberg’s Final Budget Slashes Teacher Jobs, Afterschool Programs

Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s preliminary budget, which was unveiled last week, envisions a $70.1 billion plan for the next fiscal year that includes the loss of hundreds of teachers through attrition and other classroom cuts, according to DNA Info.

The budget got a boost from rising tax revenues. But it also reflects the possible loss of $724 million in state education aid, which hinged on the city coming to a compromise with the teachers union over a new evaluation system.

The city anticipates losing 700 teachers and guidance counselors through attrition before the new fiscal year, which kicks off in July. Then the city will reduce the number of teachers by an additional 1,800 after that.

The proposed cuts will lead to increased class sizes and also result in the loss of more than 700,000 hours of afterschool programs, including tutoring for struggling students, and $67 million less for school supplies and textbooks.




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