De Blasio Calls for Increases Public in Education Spending – Stiff Arms Charter Schools

De Blasio keeps campaign pledge.

Last week, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio made education a cornerstone of his first budget proposal as mayor.

De blasio called for an expansion of education funding as part of his initial $73 billion plan.

“This budget must reflect a progressive agenda,” said de Blasio.  While running for mayor De Blasiop pledged to diminish the gap between rich and poor. His budget signals that educating future generations will be part of his efforts.

“The centerpiece of our budget is education,” added de Blasio.

Meanwhile, over at the Wall Street Journal’s Editorial page they call hypocrisy on De Blasio’s progressive agenda. Specifically directing readers to consider that while touting reform and education policy for students De Blasio is attempting to pour thousands of ineffective teacher’s back into the workforce to save the city millions, and taxing charter schools that occupy public school land.

Such efforts by De Blasio particularly for charter schools was a part of his campaign promise to push back at charter schools which  he views as undermining public education.


 –Oghene Oyiborhoro

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