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To Live, to Breathe, to Dance

Teaching artist Exenia Rocco teaches high school at A. Phillip Randolph students about the art of power, peace and breathing through Latin dance.

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Mayor Signs Bill Requiring Special Education Reports

ChalkbeatNY reports that NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has signed a bill that will give parents more access to data showing the progress of special education students in they city’s schools. ChalkbeatNY reports: The annual reports will detail how long students wait to be evaluated and to receive services, as well as the percentage of students whose needs […]

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“The New Kids”: A Look Into the Lives of Immigrant Students

In “The New Kids: Big Dreams and Brave Journeys at a High School for Immigrant Teens,” author Brooke Hauser reveals the long journeys the students endured to reach Brooklyn, New York.  And then once enrolled in Brooklyn International High School, a public school in Prospect Heights specifically geared for newly arrived teenagers, they faced a […]

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Farina to add new classes for children with autism next fall

The city plans to expand classes for about a 100 children with autism into all five boroughs.

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STEM and Special Education: Breaking Through Expectations at P-TECH

Only 14 percent of engineers are female. And only 4 percent of employees in the field of science, technology, engineering and math are special education students. Briana Conner at P-TECH breaks the mold.

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Sister Margaret joins the mayor’s new universal pre-kindergarten initiative

Sister Margaret of St. Tolentine Church in the Bronx runs a pre-kindergarten that is now part of Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s universal pre-k initiative.

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Democracy Prep charter gets good news on test results, private grants to the school

Fifteen Democracy Prep Charter High School board members met for a monthly meeting March 9 to receive financial and academic updates on the school. The corporate-style board meeting lasted an hour and took place at the school, located at 222 West 134th Street in Central Harlem. The board addressed the students’ test scores, attendance rate, […]

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High School Brides: Yemeni Immigrants at U.S. High Schools

Only two females out of a total 40 Yemeni students at the International Community High School in the Bronx have graduated in the past four years; many were sent back to Yemen for marriage.

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Alternate method to Regents exams helps English language learners

Schools where students present portfolio work instead of take state-wide Regents exams help their immigrant students learn English.

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Community in Favor of New Charter School in Wakefield

A Bronx Charter School for Better Learning proposal to open a second school inside J.H.S. 144 on Gunther Avenue next fall faced no public resistance Feb. 9.

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