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Undocumented Queens High School Kids Work Factory Jobs to Pay the Bills New SAT Test, Same Old Problems? Is a Longer School Day The Answer? Ready for School, Nowhere to Go Newly Arrived Immigrant Teens Learning Math Through Language Learning to Behave: One School Cuts Suspensions Using Empathy

‘A Hidden Gem’: Brownsville’s Young Champions

On a Wednesday afternoon at P.S. 446 in Brooklyn, about a dozen girls pick at an after-school snack of mini cheese pizzas, buttered corn, bananas and milk. They chat amongst themselves in a stuffy cafeteria on the ground floor of a brick school building in Brownsville that’s almost a century old. Some wear pink, red […]

Undocumented Queens High School Kids Work Factory Jobs to Pay the Bills

Central American immigrant teenagers in Queens work overnight at under-the-table factory jobs to help families pay their bills and debts. Somehow the students make it to school the next morning.

New SAT Test, Same Old Problems?

Did the redesigned SAT make the grade? SAT critics, test coaches, and college officials speak out.

Is a Longer School Day The Answer?

Some charter schools are rolling back their hours, just as some public schools are adding time to the school day. Research is mixed about whether it makes a difference.

Ready for School, Nowhere to Go

The benefits of good after-school programs are well known for those kids whose parents aren’t yet home from work. But at many schools like Brownsville’s P.S. 446, before-school programs are needed too.

Newly Arrived Immigrant Teens Learning Math Through Language

“In the Dominican Republic, two plus two equals four,” said a sophomore in the Bronx's International Community High School for brand new immigrant kids. “Here, you have to explain why it’s four.”

Learning to Behave: One School Cuts Suspensions Using Empathy

Teachers at a Brooklyn 6th through 12th grade school believe students lack the skill, not the will to behave. A new approach to discipline brought its suspension rate down from 23 to 2 percent in 4 years.

Against the Tide of the Summer Melt

08 May 2015

Keeping low-income kids focused on applying to college as the summer beckons.

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The Bilingual Advantage

07 May 2015

Some middle class parents look for dual language programs in languages like French and Japanese the way others look for good athletics or strong arts programs.

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When School Fills a Gap Family Left Behind

30 April 2015

Social emotional learning is central at Brooklyn's Lyons Community School, where suspensions are a very last resort. Intense relationships result between school staff and students.

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The Graduation Gap from High School through College

25 April 2015

Low-income students might face greater challenges adjusting to college than their more affluent peers, so some charter networks are paying attention to their high school graduates through college.

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Dual Language Crusader Calmly Carries On

25 April 2015

Met by waves of parental protests and controversy, Principal Iris Chiu helicoptered into the job as head of Shuang Wen intent on transforming the top performing school into a true dual language school.

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One Brooklyn School’s Quest to Find an Alternative to Suspensions

15 April 2015

The DIG at Lyons Community High School is the staff's latest attempt to provide students in need with a safe space where they can, at the very least, develop stronger social skills and stabilize enough to return to regular classes.

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Manhattan Teacher Uses Zombies to Chase Students into the Classroom

13 April 2015

This semester, Wilber’s on a crusade to use provocative themes, and the zombie tie-in, to get more of City-As-School’s notoriously weary readers to pick up a book – and come to class.

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Ambitious Bronx Teen Ignores Obstacles, ‘Strives for the Skies’

10 April 2015

The stress of poverty can cause some teens and children to have to grow up too fast, taking on very adult-style responsibilities. Here is one high-flying graduate's story from DeWitt Clinton High School in the Bronx

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To Live, to Breathe, to Dance

08 April 2015

Teaching artist Exenia Rocco teaches high school at A. Phillip Randolph students about the art of power, peace and breathing through Latin dance.

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KIPP charter network centralizes curriculum across 11 schools

08 April 2015

At the Knowledge is Power Program charter school board meeting on March 30, the board continued to centralize the approach to governance and academics across all 11 of the network’s New York City charter schools. Specifically, new superintendent James Manly presented members with a plan to more closely align curricula at the 11 schools in […]

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