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Beyond the Test Scores at the Harlem Children’s Zone

When the Harlem Children’s Zone opened a charter school in a housing project, it set out to raise test scores. While grades haven’t improved dramatically, the school has helped to create a community and is slowly changing the culture of the neighborhood.

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Connecting the International Dots in French

Harlem’s French-American charter school offers one several bilingual programs in the city to parents who want to maintain their cultural heritage and give their children a ticket to an international lifestyle.

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A Harlem Student’s Determination to Succeed

Larry Utendahl, a high school senior in Harlem, is determined to go to college and move beyond his limited surroundings.

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The Kids Aren’t All Right, But Geoffrey Canada Is Working On It

In “Whatever It Takes,” Paul Tough follows Geoffrey Canada for almost five years as he attempts to figure out how to reduce the disparity between low-income and middle-class children.

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