Lumosity, Other Brain-Training Products Get Federal Scrutiny

So-called “brain training” programs designed to help boost students’ attention and working memory are coming under scrutiny from the Federal Trade Commission, as some claims have outpaced both the initial hopes and subsequent evidence.

Last year, the FTC declared open season on brain-training programs, both those directed at classrooms and for general public use. Last month, it announced a $2 million settlement and $50 million judgement for misleading advertising against Lumos Labs Inc., the creators of Lumosity, a suite of computer- and app-based brain-training programs. A judge found that the company’s in-house research did not prove its video games could “improve school, work, and athletic performance” or protect against cognitive impairments caused by attention deficit disorders, traumatic brain injury, pediatric chemotherapy, or adult dementia as its advertisements had claimed.

Read more at Education Week.

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