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U.S. schools have more computers than ever. But what are they doing with all that (expensive) technology?

A show-stopping school of innovation today can quickly devolve into tomorrow’s has-been. Keeping track of who’s doing what in the diverse field of blended learning, which mixes online and in-person education, isn’t easy. There are few sure things in life, but the lightning-fast rate of change in education technology is a given. The Blended Learning […]

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Blended Learning: The Digital Blend

Blended learning, a curriculum combining both digital and traditional learning techniques within the classroom is a concept that is being slowly introduced to schools across the city like Pathways in Technology, also known as P-Tech.

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Finding their Rhythm: How Technology Can Help Students Learn at their Own Pace

Students in classrooms incorporating technology, such as New York City’s iZone, learn with pens, paper, and laptops–and get instant feedback.

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