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Unexpected Fatherhood Brownsville Youth Court and the Teens Who Run it Movement to Include LGBT History in New York Schools Gains Momentum Test-driving the Future at P-TECH With the Turning Suspensions into a Last Resort Mixed Results for the City

Unexpected Fatherhood

Giovanni Classen, 21, wants college not just for himself but for his his son, too.

Brownsville Youth Court and the Teens Who Run it

Brownsville is often called the highest crime neighborhood in New York City. But one youth justice program is having a positive effect on the teens that come through it and those that run it.

Movement to Include LGBT History in New York Schools Gains Momentum

Three years after California made teaching LGBT history in schools mandatory, a group of New York City teachers is trying to think of alternative ways to get more of that history taught in classrooms.

Test-driving the Future at P-TECH

The state and federal governments are pouring millions into expanding early college high schools like Brooklyn’s P-TECH which hasn’t even graduated its first class. They’re pinning their hopes on the success of a small cadre of student trailblazers.

With the ‘Castle’ Under Siege, a Bold New Plan

Principal Santi Taveras has a bold plan to turn around the failing DeWitt Clinton High School. But is he too late?

Turning Suspensions into a Last Resort

Suspension rates are way down in schools like Lyons Community School Brooklyn that use alternative discipline methods.

Mixed Results for the City’s Last Chance High Schools

Admissions criteria varies wildly between the city's 52 transfer schools designed to help teens who are struggling to pass high school. Some of the neediest students may be left out.

Last Chance Proved to be Kaly’s Best Chance

10 May 2014

A young teen who struggled to cope with the pressures of a large, competitive high school found the support she needed in the alternative City-As-School high school.

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An Exam Away From Graduating

10 May 2014

Edwards has gone to seven different schools since the 7th grade. Now, the 19-year-old transfer student has finally found her comfort zone, and is one Regents exam away from a diploma.

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A New Pathway for the College Bound

09 May 2014

College enrollment for blacks and Hispanics has risen over the last decade, but not enough to close the race gap. One organization in New York City aims to increase those odds.

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A Once Hidden Child Finds Her Place in New York

06 May 2014

When JiaJun Kuang moved to the United States from China in November 2009 at the age of 13, she was leaving behind a life as a hidden child. Now, her family is adjusting to life in New York City.

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Inside the Nation’s First Vegetarian Public School

01 May 2014

Thursday is always vegetarian, and sometimes vegan, in the cafeteria at Public School 244 in Queens, the nation’s first non-charter public school to serve only vegetarian meals.

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Just Say Nay to the ELA

13 April 2014

Yesterday, critics of the state-mandated English Language Arts exam marched in front of nearly 40 schools in Manhattan.

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A Teaching Fellow Finds Her Footing

08 April 2014

Luisa Cavagna once thought she wanted to be a doctor, but now her heart is in the classroom

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From Broadway, With Love

07 April 2014

Dan Pettrota is a math teacher at World Journalism Prep, who stepped down from the Broadway stage to enter the classroom through the New York City Teaching Fellows.

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Staying the Course in a High-Demand Charter School

04 April 2014

Despite the long hours and endless challenges of teaching middle school students in this high-octane charter school, first-year teacher Carpenter has shown no signs of becoming discouraged by the obstacles.

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Making The Grade: Mentoring Student Teachers In a “Failing” School

03 April 2014

Is it possible to learn to be a strong teacher in a school the city says is failing? Veteran teacher Ann Neary mentors Lehman College senior Greg Castro at DeWitt Clinton High School, a struggling landmark in the Bronx.

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