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With the ‘Castle’ Under Siege, a Bold New Plan

Principal Santi Taveras has a bold plan to turn around the failing DeWitt Clinton High School. But is he too late?

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Joel Klein: Up Close and Personal

In an interview with New York Times Magazine’s Andrew Goldman, Joel Klein admits he likes to “party hard.” He also discusses the state of American education as a threat to national security and his stance on education reform, stating “The more people believe that education won’t make their kids’ lives better, the more we’re going […]

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Q & A with a Joel Klein Advisor: Keeping America Safe One Reform at a Time

The failure of the country’s public education is causing a national security threat, says Condoleezza Rice and Joel Klein. (AP Photo/Pool, Susana Bates)

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Joel Klein Pushes Civic Education

Klein encouraged educators to teach students about citizenship at a March panel discussion at the 92nd Street YMCA.

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