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Big Gender Gap Persists in Arts Schools, and Math and Science Schools. Why?

Boys still outnumber girls in math and science specialty schools by a wide-margin, despite the city’s programs meant to attract girls. Girls, on the other hand, vastly outnumber boys in arts and culture specialty schools. Why doesn’t this ever change?

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The New Language Barrier in Room 115

Because of budget cuts, several city schools have replaced foreign language teachers with Rosetta Stone software. But even the head of Rosetta Stone says the software alone can’t replace live instruction in schools.

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Teacher Fired for Using School Email for Personal Ads

A special education teacher at Manhattan’s P.S. 183 was fired after a DOE investigation found he had used his school email account to send sexually explicit emails in response to Craigslist ads, reported the New York Daily News. The DOE’s investigation found he had “committed employee misconduct by sending inappropriate e-mail communications from an e-mail address […]

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