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Educating Prisoners

  This week New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced his intentions establish financing for prisoners in New York. Back in 1994 the US Congress voted to cut grants for college education when it came to prisoners. Prisoner degree programs subsequently spiraled down to just under twelve. Cuomo’s measure would cost $5,000 of the $60,000 New […]

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Liberals Attack Common Core

Common Core standards have had their fair share of detractors but rarely has it faced opposition from the left – no less New York state. A recent New York Times piece reports that New York’s statewide teachers union has retracted their support for Common Core, while in a rare move both side of the New […]

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Caught Between Two Worlds, an Uzbek Student Finds Her Own Path

Munisa Habibova, 12, has spent half her life in the U.S., but she still feels the pull of her early years in Uzbekistan

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Armed School Guards Will Not Make Schools Safer

OP-ED: Protecting students from well-armed gunmen who are determined to kill is not as simple as having armed security guards in schools. In fact, armed security guards may do more to harm than good to morale inside the school.

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At Three Schools, Brief Hearings Air Common Themes

Community members from three small schools on the city’s chopping block–Brooklyn’s P.S. 73, East New York’s JHS 13, and Manhattan’s Freedom High– aired their frustrations, their unheralded successes on Feb. 25.

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New York Republicans Include Budget Amendment to Allow For-Profit Charter Schools

The Brooklyn Rail reports that Republicans in New York’s State Senate have included a provision in the budget that would give for-profit companies the authority to establish charter schools.

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