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Undocumented Queens High School Kids Work Factory Jobs to Pay the Bills

Central American immigrant teenagers in Queens work overnight at under-the-table factory jobs to help families pay their bills and debts. Somehow the students make it to school the next morning.

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A Tale of Two Fundraisers

The city’s inequality gap was on display this week at two public high school fundraisers. Stuyvesant High School parents intended to raise $80,000; students and teachers at Queens High School for Research, Information and Technology were hoping for $2,000.

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Children Fleeing Central America find Safe Haven in a Queens High School

The Queens High School for Information, Research and Technology, a small, struggling school in Far Rockaway, took in a large percentage of the more than 700 Central American refugee children who flooded into the U.S. in the last two years.

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From Broadway, With Love

Dan Pettrota is a math teacher at World Journalism Prep, who stepped down from the Broadway stage to enter the classroom through the New York City Teaching Fellows.

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Only the Lonely High School Journalism Class

The web is helping journalism teachers in the city and nation create engaging lessons for a school subject that’s long suffered from unpopularity.

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Union Wins $38 Million Settlement with Special Education Staff

The city’s tangled data entry system cost teachers hours of mind-numbing number punching

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Astoria parents furious over plans to add middle school to PS 122

The New York Daily News reports that parents in Northwestern Queens are considering a lawsuit against the city over its plan to shrink the number of students eligible for the Gifted and Talented middle school program at P.S 122 in Astoria. The program is in high demand, and parents fear that the city’s plan will […]

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Far from Home, Far from School

All students in New York City homeless shelters are entitled to a public education. Sometimes it just takes them a little longer to get to school.

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Being ‘One of Them,’ Shared Immigrant Experiences

As an immigrant herself, Ivi Hiraldo has a special bond with her students

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Two dozen schools to close

The Panel for Education Policy agreed to close 24 public schools and reopen them as new schools, SchoolBook reported.  Students and faculty spoke on behalf of their schools at the meeting. Before the meeting, Chancellor Walcott backed away from closing two others on a previous list — Grover Cleveland High School in Queens and Bushwick Community […]

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