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Newly Arrived Immigrant Teens Learning Math Through Language

“In the Dominican Republic, two plus two equals four,” said a sophomore in the Bronx’s International Community High School for brand new immigrant kids. “Here, you have to explain why it’s four.”

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Book Review: Stories of Survival Along the City’s Margins

Adrian Nicole LeBlanc’s Random Family explores a range of themes: cyclical poverty, failure of the social services system, the value of education and inequality of women and girls, just to name a few. But at its core, Random Family is an elegant story about people and their day-to-day survival, offering a glimpse into the joys […]

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Surviving the First Year, Day by Day, in the South Bronx

Just getting through the first year is an accomplishment for a new teacher, but Emma Schneider, 31, is determined to make a difference in the lives of her students at the Urban Assembly School for Applied Math and Science in the Bronx.

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Passing on a Sense of Mission

Akilah Irvin, 24, now runs the same community organization that she helped found as a teenager.

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