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Researchers: “Geeky” Stereotype Deters Girls from STEM Classes

Researchers from the University of Washington believe there are two social factors that are keeping girls away from computer science classes. The first is the perception of who belongs in the field, namely, “geeky” boys, and the second, who has the ability to succeed in the field. We showed pictures of two computer-science classrooms to […]

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Big Gender Gap Persists in Arts Schools, and Math and Science Schools. Why?

Boys still outnumber girls in math and science specialty schools by a wide-margin, despite the city’s programs meant to attract girls. Girls, on the other hand, vastly outnumber boys in arts and culture specialty schools. Why doesn’t this ever change?

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Schools, Nonprofits Urge Girls to Reach for STEM

Bringing more girls into science and technology fields begins in the high school classroom. P-TECH early college high school in Brooklyn is pointing the way.

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Test-driving the Future at P-TECH

The state and federal governments are pouring millions into expanding early college high schools like Brooklyn’s P-TECH which hasn’t even graduated its first class. They’re pinning their hopes on the success of a small cadre of student trailblazers.

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