This Week’s National News

Number of U.S. Adults With College Degrees Hits Historic High (Washington Post)
According to Census officials, three in 10 American adults held bachelor’s degrees in 2011, the Washington Post reported. This number is a historic high, but Census data also showed that some associate degrees or vocational certificates can produce more future earnings than bachelor’s degrees in fields, such as education or liberal arts.


New Study Finds iPads in the Classroom Boost Test Scores (Time)
A new study based on a group of 265 kindergarteners in Auburn, Maine found that students that use iPads in the classroom score higher on literacy tests than those who do not, and were also more excited to be in the classroom and learn.


Colleges Worry That Court Could Make Diversity Harder to Maintain (New York Times)
College admissions officials are concerned about maintaining diversity following a recent Supreme Court decision to hear a case involving the use of race as an admissions factor, the New York Times reported.

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