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Movement to Include LGBT History in New York Schools Gains Momentum

Three years after California made teaching LGBT history in schools mandatory, a group of New York City teachers is trying to think of alternative ways to get more of that history taught in classrooms.

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A Teaching Fellow Finds Her Footing

Luisa Cavagna once thought she wanted to be a doctor, but now her heart is in the classroom

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Author Visit from Holocaust Survivor Makes Memoir Come Alive

Inge Auerbacher visits Ditmas Junior High School as part of multi-disciplinary unit on writers’ childhood war diaries and memoirs.

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Ravitch Takes Aim at the Marketplace Reformers

Diane Ravitch takes critical aim at American education reform in The Death and Life of the Great American School System (2010), evaluating the effectiveness of standardized testing, choice, and charter schools. The book hinges on her “wrenching transformation” from advocate to critic of testing, accountability, and choice-based reforms. For years surrounded by conservative thinkers, and, […]

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Yes to Gov. Cuomo’s Merit Pay Policy

Merit pay for teachers makes intuitive sense. By rewarding the best with cash bonuses, the theory goes, teachers will respond by working harder. Students will, in turn, perform better. Bright young people will be drawn to a profession that rewards excellence. Bad teachers will get the point and look for the exit door. Such is […]

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