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Stretching Mind and Body

Each Friday Chloe Tupper, a Bent on Learning yoga instructor, visits the Children’s Workshop School to teach yoga to a class of preschoolers, and then, to the third and fourth graders.  Yoga may be a way to teach students to cope with stress and increase concentration.

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Corpse pose seems to be the most difficult for the 4 and 5-year-olds, who have trouble being still. (Photo / Rebecca Moss)

Keeping Kids Fit in Overcrowded Schools

Some educators are trying to tackle the growing child obesity risks by bringing in medical experts–and yoga–into city classrooms.

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First Graders Have 40 Minutes to Get Fit

At P.S. 24 in Sunset Park Brooklyn, 54 percent of students are overweight or obese and P.E. classes are a weekly activity.  Limited space means that only half of the students at the school can participate in P.E. classes each year.  One class of first graders spends their 40 minutes of gym playing basketball and […]

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No Pain No Gain

Childhood obesity rates are on the rise as hours spent in physical education are on the decline. What’s wrong with this picture?

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Namaste in the Classroom

Yoga is part of the curriculum at more and more schools around the city. Will it keep kids fit?

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University of Texas May Be Last Stand on Affirmative Action

A lawsuit brought against the University of Texas by Abigail Fisher, a white student denied admission in 2008 and claiming discrimination, will decide whether race can be used as a determining factor in admission decisions for state universities.  Reported by The New York Times and Texas Monthly magazine.

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Woes of a Fifth Grader

For Brooklyn fifth grader Nataly Salvador, middle school is around the corner and life is about to change.

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Life Lessons from Mrs. Zajac’s Fifth Grade Class

Tracy Kidder describes learning for fifth graders in a Massachusetts elementary school as a push and pull between discipline and rule-breaking. Homework is never done, and poverty lines are clear.

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