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Alternate method to Regents exams helps English language learners

Schools where students present portfolio work instead of take state-wide Regents exams help their immigrant students learn English.

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Yes to Gov. Cuomo’s Merit Pay Policy

Merit pay for teachers makes intuitive sense. By rewarding the best with cash bonuses, the theory goes, teachers will respond by working harder. Students will, in turn, perform better. Bright young people will be drawn to a profession that rewards excellence. Bad teachers will get the point and look for the exit door. Such is […]

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New York Times Says Honeymoon is Over for Mayor de Blasio over Schools, Snowstorm

The New York Times says the honeymoon is over between Mayor de Blasio and New Yorkers after his handling of the several weeks of snowstorms and his decision to keep schools open during Thursday’s blizzard.

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Caught Between Two Worlds, an Uzbek Student Finds Her Own Path

Munisa Habibova, 12, has spent half her life in the U.S., but she still feels the pull of her early years in Uzbekistan

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Armed School Guards Will Not Make Schools Safer

OP-ED: Protecting students from well-armed gunmen who are determined to kill is not as simple as having armed security guards in schools. In fact, armed security guards may do more to harm than good to morale inside the school.

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Armed School Guards Answer to Preventing Gun Violence

OP-ED: Growing evidence points to armed guards as the solution to violence in schools.

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At Three Schools, Brief Hearings Air Common Themes

Community members from three small schools on the city’s chopping block–Brooklyn’s P.S. 73, East New York’s JHS 13, and Manhattan’s Freedom High– aired their frustrations, their unheralded successes on Feb. 25.

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A Study of the Desegregation of Boston’s Public Schools

Anthony Lukas’s epic book Common Ground chronicles the history of Boston from 1968 to 1976, a time when efforts to desegregate the city’s public schools through forced busing brought to the surface deep seated racial tension.

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Corporate Strategy: An Apple for Every Teacher

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs once told Wired Magazine said that he probably “spear-headed giving away more computer equipment to schools than anybody else on the planet.” It’s hard to verify that claim, but there’s no doubt that Apple has invested substantial time and money to put its products in public schools. As early as 1979, […]

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iBook 2 said to place strain on yearly budget

According to Education News, a number of schools are leaning towards replacing textbooks with the iBook 2. Though educators believe this will enhance learning in the classroom, many fear that the cost per student will largely reduce the yearly budget.

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