“My mark of success is coming back to your community.”

Sharon De La Cruz

“I’m very energetic. I can’t sit still for one second.”

Nataly Salvador

“I felt a little removed from my passion, sitting at a desk all day. So I decided, well, let me try to teach art.”

Eric Azcuy

“I hear these clunky footsteps, and then in comes one of the most glamorous people I have ever seen.”

Laura Epstein

“If I had attended a different high school, I wouldn’t have even applied to Smith.”

Yenelsa Duran

“My work is my life. It’s very in line with what I believe.”

Sahba Rohani

“I want a whole lot of things. But it’s all riding on my education right now.”

Larry Utendahl

“They would say I was fat. And I really am. I’m trying to work on it.”

Ariana Oyola

“We are measured against our own definitions of success.”

Rhena Jasey

“Who I was, and who I am now, is a whole 180-degree difference.”

Amanda Seecharan

“Asian parents always want to do their best for their kids.”

Mina Yang

“To have such a big part in developing something that is already so significant is really rewarding for me.”

Will Erhenfeld

“I was kind of born into this. My family, especially the women in my family, we’re so into community justice.”

Akilah Irvin

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