In Their Own Words: The volatile world of high school admissions, round two

NEW YORK, NY - March 12, 2016: Fraternal twins Chanel Abban, 13, and Stedman Abban, 13, (left), stand at the steps of Martin Luther King High School after attending the Round 2 High School fair. The twins are currently 8th graders at Richard R. Green Campus FORWARD School for Creative Writing and are hoping to be placed in the same school. CREDIT: Cassandra Giraldo

Students from this year’s 2016 Covering Education Class teamed up with Chalkbeat New York to find stories from the Round 2 High School fair that took place at Martin Luther King High School last weekend March 12-13.

If New York City students aren’t matched to a high school in the first round of admissions, or if they’re unhappy with their match, they must try again in a round two application process. These are some of their stories. 

Click the link below to learn more about the middle school students and their families who are currently navigating this complex process.

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