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Test-driving the Future at P-TECH

The state and federal governments are pouring millions into expanding early college high schools like Brooklyn’s P-TECH which hasn’t even graduated its first class. They’re pinning their hopes on the success of a small cadre of student trailblazers.

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A Teaching Fellow Finds Her Footing

Luisa Cavagna once thought she wanted to be a doctor, but now her heart is in the classroom

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Author Visit from Holocaust Survivor Makes Memoir Come Alive

Inge Auerbacher visits Ditmas Junior High School as part of multi-disciplinary unit on writers’ childhood war diaries and memoirs.

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Clown Turned Teacher Finds He Needs a New Bag of Tricks

A neatly trimmed beard and pocket full of pens and pencils are now the workday toolkit for Dan Berkley, a former circus clown turned physics teacher thanks to the NYC Teaching Fellows program.

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Lanisha’s Loss: Last Chance After Sandy

Lanisha Jessie, 17, had hopes for a brighter academic future when Hurricane Sandy hit, flooding her home and throwing her off her academic course. Six months after the storm, she’s just beginning to regain her footing.

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Josh Penafiel hopes to graduate this summer.

Before and After Aspirations: The Legacy of a School Closing

Josh Penafiel dropped out of his East New York high school after it was closed by the New York City Department of Education several years ago. Now he’s trying to get his diploma, but time is running out.

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Blended Learning: The Digital Blend

Blended learning, a curriculum combining both digital and traditional learning techniques within the classroom is a concept that is being slowly introduced to schools across the city like Pathways in Technology, also known as P-Tech.

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Brooklyn Parents Get a Lesson in Patience

Parents at PS 24 in Brooklyn now have the option to attend sessions where they can learn how to deal with conflict and manage their emotions in a way that mirrors what their children learn in the classroom.

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P-Tech Students Prep for College Courses

Now in its second year, P-Tech was conceived as an innovative six-year program, believed to be the first school in the nation to incorporate high school and college, along with hands-on work connections with IBM. The idea was that students would get the benefit of an advanced curriculum by the time they graduated and come out better prepared than most for the next phase of their education. But administrators at P-Tech quickly realized that while some of the students passing through the blue and grey-tiled halls were ready for those rigorous classes, many others were not.

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Caught Between Two Worlds, an Uzbek Student Finds Her Own Path

Munisa Habibova, 12, has spent half her life in the U.S., but she still feels the pull of her early years in Uzbekistan

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