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Learning to Behave: One School Cuts Suspensions Using Empathy

Teachers at a Brooklyn 6th through 12th grade school believe students lack the skill, not the will to behave. A new approach to discipline brought its suspension rate down from 23 to 2 percent in 4 years.

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Lumosity, Other Brain-Training Products Get Federal Scrutiny

So-called “brain training” programs designed to help boost students’ attention and working memory are coming under scrutiny from the Federal Trade Commission, as some claims have outpaced both the initial hopes and subsequent evidence. Last year, the FTC declared open season on brain-training programs, both those directed at classrooms and for general public use. Last […]

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Big Gender Gap Persists in Arts Schools, and Math and Science Schools. Why?

Boys still outnumber girls in math and science specialty schools by a wide-margin, despite the city’s programs meant to attract girls. Girls, on the other hand, vastly outnumber boys in arts and culture specialty schools. Why doesn’t this ever change?

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When School Fills a Gap Family Left Behind

Social emotional learning is central at Brooklyn’s Lyons Community School, where suspensions are a very last resort. Intense relationships result between school staff and students.

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Elizabeth Green’s Building A Better Teacher

Imagine you’re given several years of pedagogical study (or several weeks of training, as the case may be). Then you are thrown into a dunk tank, a classroom full of students who expect you to teach. Now, imagine you’re expected to make sure those students come away with knowledge and perform well on standardized test […]

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One Brooklyn School’s Quest to Find an Alternative to Suspensions

The DIG at Lyons Community High School is the staff’s latest attempt to provide students in need with a safe space where they can, at the very least, develop stronger social skills and stabilize enough to return to regular classes.

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Ambitious Bronx Teen Ignores Obstacles, ‘Strives for the Skies’

The stress of poverty can cause some teens and children to have to grow up too fast, taking on very adult-style responsibilities. Here is one high-flying graduate’s story from DeWitt Clinton High School in the Bronx

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Book Review: There Are No Children Here

What began as an article for the Wall Street Journal expanded into a book. In There Are No Children Here, author Alex Kotlowitz told the tale of two African-American boys growing up in Horner Houses, one of the most dangerous projects in Chicago in the 80s. He illuminated issues like gang violence, drug trade and […]

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Alternate method to Regents exams helps English language learners

Schools where students present portfolio work instead of take state-wide Regents exams help their immigrant students learn English.

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Community in Favor of New Charter School in Wakefield

A Bronx Charter School for Better Learning proposal to open a second school inside J.H.S. 144 on Gunther Avenue next fall faced no public resistance Feb. 9.

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