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Dozens voice opinions as PEP delays school space-sharing vote

Under the recommendation of Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña, panel members voted to table four co-location issues.

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Unexpected Fatherhood

Giovanni Classen, 21, wants college not just for himself but for his his son, too.

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Test-driving the Future at P-TECH

The state and federal governments are pouring millions into expanding early college high schools like Brooklyn’s P-TECH which hasn’t even graduated its first class. They’re pinning their hopes on the success of a small cadre of student trailblazers.

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Paul Tough Tackles How Children Succeed

For the better part of the last decade New York Times reporter Paul Tough has written about education, poverty and the obstacles to success students both in New York and across America face.

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Divided We Fail: The Story of an African American Community That Ended the Era of School Desegregation

Sarah Garland’s “Divided We Fail” tells the story of how the African-American community in Louisville, Kentucky challenged and defeated the system of desegregation in pubic schools.

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Concerns grow over education reform camp planned for Lake Placid

Some parents and teachers are complaining they’re being shut out of attending an upcoming conference on education reform. Gov. Andrew Cuomo is listed as the honorary sponsor of “Camp Philos, a philosopher’s camp on education reform,” planned for May 4-6 in Lake Placid. The event is being put on by Education Reform Now, a Washington, […]

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A Teaching Fellow Finds Her Footing

Luisa Cavagna once thought she wanted to be a doctor, but now her heart is in the classroom

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Author Visit from Holocaust Survivor Makes Memoir Come Alive

Inge Auerbacher visits Ditmas Junior High School as part of multi-disciplinary unit on writers’ childhood war diaries and memoirs.

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DNAinfo/Colby Hamilton

De Blasio’s Pre-K Plan Deserves a Chance

The case for universal pre-K is a no-brainer. By investing in our children early, and with the right resources, would equip them with the tools necessary not only to succeed in kindergarten, but in overall educational attainment.

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Beyond Clichés: Ron Suskind’s “A Hope in The Unseen”

Ron Suskind challenged the American Dream when he began reporting A Hope in the Unseen, published in 1995. The maxim that working hard guaranteed success looked very different for the “other America.”

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