The Teacher Project

New York City’s teacher corps represents the largest group of public workers in the city. But what does their work really entail, and what drives them to keep working in an often thankless job? Reporters in Columbia Journalism School’s education seminar profiled teachers from across the city, looking for insights into a largely misunderstood profession.

Ann Neary, left, works with student teacher Greg Castro, right, at DeWitt Clinton High School in the Bronx. (Photo by Alex Neason.)

Teaching as a Second Act by Annette Konoske-Graf and Alexandria Neason: The route New York City’s teachers travel to the classroom is proving to be just as diverse as the student populations they serve. Many who enter teaching from another career see the profession as an opportunity to help students find and foster their own passions.

Teachers and Public Policy by Peggy Barmore: In the last decade, teachers have been center stage, or some say center target, in the national debate over what’s wrong and what’s right with our public schools. The heat for many may have become too much to bear. For whatever reason, teachers leaving the profession have far outpaced their replacements.

Click each portrait to visit a profile of a New York City teacher.

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