Bookshelf 2012


The Covering Education class read several books about education this semester. These are our reviews.

“There Are No Children Here is a story of two boys’ struggles to survive a neighborhood filled with violence and the harsh realities that shape urban societies. Both Pharaoh and Lafayette hold onto the slightest beam of hope with the belief that they will someday find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.”


“The issues Brooke Hauser raised are both current and thought-provoking, and highlighted some of the biggest challenges in American society today.

“In one scene, Suskind describes the moment Cedric sits down to write his personal essay for his Brown University application. As soon as he sat down, the words flowed. He writes about the constant struggle against the rest of his classmates and neighborhood, the expectations society has for poor black men, his faith in God, his mother’s persistent values.”

“Lemann’s story is one where the SAT radically changes America, but creates a society that is the opposite of what its creators envisioned. That was true in the late 90s and even truer now.”

“Among Schoolchildren provides a rare glance into a classroom, and although it’s a classroom in the late 1980s, many of the problems remain the same.”

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